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Hello lovelies! Recently, as I was designing my new blog, transferring all of my old posts and slightly losing the will to live, I pondered why I was continuing to blog and who, if anybody really cares that I do so. As I mentioned in last week’s post, even though it became quite tedious, it felt really good to revisit some of those posts, to see my progression and hard work right from the start. And I realised that actually, I care. It is coming up to the 2 year anniversary of the beginnings of my blog and now is as good a time as any, to clarify those reasons for myself and I’m hoping that you might like to know too!

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Blogging really is like keeping a diary. It is such a good way of documenting my creative, seasonal life and charting my emotional ups and downs along the way. I have always been someone who needs to work things out: Why have I got that anxious feeling in my belly or that emotional pain in my chest?; Why am I feeling unusually pensive or uneasy?; How am I going to work this out?; What are the next steps? Well, writing it down really helps me to identify problems, process them, work through them, find solutions and move on. All the important issues pertaining to my creative journey, which is a huge part of my life and happens to also be my business, are here, in writing and within reach so I can look back if I so wish. So I blog for me, as much as I blog for business reasons, to build a brand so to speak.

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Having said that, I do love it when someone reads my blog, when a reader connects with what I have written and therefore connects with me. Although I enjoy my own company and having space for my thoughts and work, doing so from home on my own can be lonely and the connections I have forged with other creatives on instagram and through my blog are wonderful and break the silence of just me. I enjoy sharing this journey and if I can inspire anyone along the way, to create, to think, to share, then that makes me very happy too. My word for 2019 is ‘Inspire’ and you can read more about that here.

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In addition, I do so love to write. I blog for the sheer enjoyment of writing about my passions. If you have read my blog for a while, you may also know that one of my longer term aims is to be an author, craft or otherwise. So not only does having a blog give me pleasure and that much needed regular writing practice, it helps to build up a body of work which I will need if I pitch for a craft/creative lifestyle book deal in the future.

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And where else but this blog could I post the hundreds of pictures I take of nature and seasonal changes throughout each year and share all of those creative ideas I have? It is definitely a necessary outlet! One blog that has always inspired me is Fox’s Lane, written by Kate. She is a woman after my own heart and her pictures are just beautiful! I look forward on a Friday to seeing Kate’s posts of her creative life on an organic farm. So I take inspiration from Kate and other bloggers, whose posts are photography heavy so to speak! As my blog fills up with my own pictures, like an online photo album, so does my cup fill with joy!

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Talking of pictures, this post is full of photos from a trip to visit my Mum, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery. I managed a little walk up the lanes, past the deer park and into the hills. Bliss!

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So lovelies, blogging is good for me! It makes me happy and it serves as a creative and emotional outlet. I have every intention of continuing to do so, to document and share my journey and build my creative brand. And now that I have clarified that for me and for you, and now that I have designed and moved over to this, my new bloggy website, I really, really, really, really want to get back to making lovely things and sharing them with you! So do look out for some crafty posts coming soon!

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Have a fab weekend and take good care of your gorgeous selves, won’t you?

Love and warmth always,

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I can relate to so much of what you’re saying here! Just for the record, I love your blog (especially your photos!!) and would be sorry to see it go (just as I was sad to see the Brownie blog go away). Yet I can certainly understand when folks decided one has run its course, for whatever reasons.

    I’ve kept a blog for many years (which has evolved over time) and started a second one two years ago. Sometimes I ask myself why, but like you… it’s as much for myself as anything! (and my two blogs serve entirely different purposes in my life)

    I’m glad to have connected with you on Instagram (which, obviously, is where I enjoy sharing photos now), and I am glad that you’re staying here, too. At least for now! 😀


  2. Hello Kelly! Yes, I’m definitely staying put for the time being! I do really enjoy it and it is such a good way of keeping track of where I am at. I am so pleased to have connected with you here and on instagram too. And thank you as always for your support and kind words. Lots of love, Lucy xxxxx


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