Spring Thoughts and Themes

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Hello there lovelies and welcome to my new blog and website!

I have transferred all of the posts from my old site, therefore the content here is exactly the same, just laid out in a more intuitive way. Each historical post has the original date it was published at the beginning so it makes sense chronologically. You are most welcome to look around and if it helps, use the categories to browse. You can also find me over on pinterest!

The last time I posted, you found me talking about ‘Finding My Way’, reflecting on wanting to express a fuller version of myself online, in my writing and in my creative output. Since then, I have been thinking, dreaming and planning. There has been no need for a rebrand as I am still very much driven by seasonal living and creating. However, intertwined with that will be the story of my mixed heritage, historical and present day and will also include the expression of some of the things I feel passionately about. In this way, I feel my creative brand will be whole, honest and from the heart.

And so to Spring, which has been an interesting time for my family, both good and not so good, although I get that this is life. Taking the rough with the smooth, the challenging with the straightforward, the rain with the sunshine, the garden pests with the pretty flowers, quite often both at the same time.

One of the main themes of our Spring has been education. My boy didn’t get into his first choice of secondary school, but got into his second choice which is further away (ludicrous, we are appealing); he sat his mock SATs (too much pressure in my book) and then the real things (hurrah, they are now over!) and my girl has been revising and is now taking her GCSEs, which so far have been a mixed bag. But as I always say to my babies, ‘just work hard and do your best’. We refuse to judge our kids based on external standards that have been set by someone in government who is out of touch and whose decisions are ego driven. We will do our utmost to boost each of our children’s sense of self worth through recognition of WHO they are and through praise of their actions. I did have a gentle rant in ‘my story’ highlights over on instagram if you fancy reading a bit more!

And so, in amongst the challenges and not so easy times, have been other themes, antidotes to any stress and anxious feelings: Spring adventures, nature immersion and sunshine bathing…

On the Spring equinox, I pottered off to Fenton House in Hampstead to say hello to the garden there, a beautiful oasis-like space I love and am very familiar with…

Fenton House 1 greenhouse

Fenton House 2 daffs

Fenton House 3 fritillary

Fenton House 4 hellebores

Fenton House 5 greenhouse

Fenton House 6 primroses

Fenton House 7 bumble

Early Spring found us back at the Hill Garden and Pergola on Hampstead Heath, which as you may know is one of my favourite places to escape to and which I have written about before here

Pergola 1 structure

Pergola 2 pond

Pergola 3 pink blossom

Pergola 4 fern

Pergola 5 purple flower in orange

Pergola 6 tropical blossom

Pergola 7 bleeding hearts

Pergola 8 hyacinths

Pergola 9 orange blossom

Pergola 10 magnolia

Pergola 11 white flower

Pergola 12 structure

Pergola 13 white flowers

We also took a trip to the National Trust’s Osterley House and Gardens/Park, where the blossom was mostly over, but other Spring blooms were having their time…

Osterley 1 deck chairs

Osterley 2 reds

Osterley 3 anemones

osterley 4 garden room

Osterley 5 garden room

Osterley 6 garden room

Osterley 7 garden room

Osterley 8 blossom

Osterley 9 tulips

Osterley 10 tulips

Osterley 11 anemones

Osterley 12 cherry blossom

Osterley 13 cherry blossom

Osterley 14 leaves

And more recently, we went to a family wedding at the Painswick Rococo Gardens, Gloucester. It was magical…

wedding 1 flowers on table

wedding 2 Eagle House

wedding 3 flowers and feet

wedding 4 windowsill

wedding 5 red house

wedding 6 lilac

wedding 7 glass hanging

wedding 8 wire hanging

wedding 9 wire statue

That my loves, is a good measure of our Spring, with a concentration on the things that make us happy and a determination to stay strong and happy to support my babies.

Apart from the creative pastimes of writing and photography, I did design, hand draw and paint 8 ‘Signs of Spring’ brooches that I sold to raise money for the families of the victims of the horrific terror attack in Christ Church, New Zealand. I also made progress on my Spring shawl, pictured here as the backdrop to the brooches…

signs of spring brooch

But I have really missed regular sewing, embroidering, drawing and doodling and now that my website is up and running, I will be able to spend more time doing the things I love and filling my cup up with creative joy. I’ve got so much I want to do and share with you.

Until next time lovelies, take good care,

Love and warmth always,

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I can totally understand why Fenton House and its surroundings is one of your favorite places. Such gorgeous photos!!


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