Spring Sheep and Bunny No-sew Decorations

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Happy Spring lovelies!

It’s been a while since I was here on the blog. You will find me mostly on instagram, in Love Embroidery Magazine (I am pleased as punch that I have been commissioned to create four tutorials so far for the mag) and once or twice a season, I send ‘Love Letters’ to all those who have done me the honour of signing up to my mailing list. In my letters, I share the stories behind my embroidery designs, my seasonal thoughts and feels, new product information and sometimes free embroidery patterns and downloadable colouring pages. If you fancy joining my creative community, you can subscribe below or in the side bar.

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Today, I am going old school and sharing a sweet Spring craft tutorial. I ran the craft stall at this year’s primary school Spring fair creating these hanging sheep and bunny decorations and they were a big hit with the children! This project is ideal for families to enjoy over the Spring holidays. 


Materials/Supplies for one hanging decoration:

1 cardboard circle (see template provided)

2 cotton pads (you could use card instead)

14cm length of string or yarn

Card (I used light grey)

Craft glue

Black felt tip or gel pen

2 mini pegs for the sheep only

Pink felt tip or gel pen for the bunny only

Optional – small paper flower with a wire stem for the bunny


Please note: cotton pads are quite fragile and tend to come apart easily. When using the felt tips on the cotton pads, press gently and make sure hands are free from stickiness from the glue.

Print out the template provided and cut out all shapes and motifs.

Using the relevant template, trace around and cut out 1 piece of cardboard for each decoration.

In the same way, cut out 1 sheep head and 2 bunny ears from the grey card.

For the sheep decoration:

For the head, colour in the sheep ears and create the eyes, nose and mouth using a black felt tip pen.

For the legs, colour in both flat (narrow) sides of the mini pegs using a black felt tip pen.

Allow the markings to dry before assembling.

Peg the mini peg legs to the circle of cardboard (or they can be put on last)

For the sheep front, add craft glue to the back of the sheep head and stick to 1 cotton pad, approximately 1cm down from the top.

Add craft glue to the circle of cardboard, all the way to the edges.

Fold the length of string/yarn in half and place the loose edges (as opposed to the fold) at the top of the cardboard. Dab a small amount of glue over these edges.

Next, place the sheep front to the cardboard with the face uppermost, making sure it is placed centrally. Gently press in place, over the string/yarn and the peg legs.

Now turn over, face down and glue the back of the cardboard.

Place the other cotton pad on top and press in place.

For the bunny decoration:

Colour in the pink of the ears using a pink felt tip pen.

Take one cotton pad and draw the bunny features on with the black and pink felt tips, using the picture to guide you. 

Add craft glue to the circle of cardboard, all the way to the edges.

Place the bunny ears pink decorated side upwards at the top of the cardboard, leaving a gap in between them.

Fold the length of string/yarn in half and place the loose edges (as opposed to the fold) at the top of the cardboard. 

Dab a small amount of glue over these edges of the string/yarn and over the part of bunny ears overlapping the cardboard.

If adding a flower, place over the string/yarn so that the flower is above the cardboard. Add some glue on top of the wire of the flower.

Now place the bunny front, face uppermost, over the cardboard, pressing in place.

Turn the bunny over, face down and glue the cardboard, then place another cotton pad on top.

I’d love to see your bunnies and sheep if you make them! You can tag me if you’re on instagram or pinterest.

Whatever you are up to this Spring, I wish you much love, joy and peace.


Lucy xxxxxxxxxx

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