Winter Making and Musings

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Originally posted 1 February 2019

Hello lovelies

Gosh, January really is the longest month isn’t it?! But here we are in February – Hurrah! We had our first proper snowfall last night and I’m so looking forward to seeing whether it has settled. The world looks so pretty with a layer of snow sprinkled on top! I really do dislike being cold though so I will leave it to the hubby to go outside with the kids and throw snowballs at the neighbours!

Winter Snowdrops 1

I wrote recently about ‘Finding Joy in Winter’ and this year so far, I have been more present than I ever remember and that means that I have enjoyed it so much more. Last Sunday morning, although it was quite chilly and rain was predicted, we popped out to the Pergola and Hill Gardens, on Hampstead Heath, which is stunning in any season. I have written about it before here. We found snowdrops and hellebores, seedheads and blossom, greenery and bare branches…

Winter pergola

Winter pink flower

Winter feathery seeds

Winter hellebore 1

Winter seeds and leaves

Winter irises

Winter hellebore 3

Winter yellow

Winter red berries

Winter 'trumpets'

Winter red

Winter hellebore 2

Winter blossom

I am observing, seeking out and feeling lifted up by the intricate and exquisite details, forms, shapes and colours that can be found in nature even in Winter. My experiences and observations are sparking a welcome surgence of creativity in me. I am not a doodler really, but this drawing was asking to be let out, closely followed by an embroidery piece…

Winter doodle

Winter doodle and embroidery

Both are very much still works in progress, but I am excited and a little nervous about where they might take me or should I say where I might take them. Do watch this space lovelies!

I have also been inspired to write a little something, after our trip to Richmond in early January, the pictures from which are in this post. Oh how I have enjoyed this process! I would describe this as a work of fiction, based on a true story…

Once Upon a Winter’s Morning…

The wind was biting that winter morning but she strode out anyway, hunching her shoulders, pulling her knitted hat down further over her forehead and thrusting her finger-gloved hands deeper into her coat pockets. She knew that she would be richly rewarded for her efforts and that spurred her on, quickening her steps away from the hubbub of the heaving city and ever closer to her heart’s desire.

Concrete and metal surrounded her on all sides and although she passed many an attractive home with oh so ‘instagrammable’ doors, which she was tempted to snap with her phone camera, she hadn’t made this pilgrimage for human-made prettiness, so she continued onwards. As she turned the final corner, her eyes widened, her features relaxed a little and a smile lit up her expectant face. She took a conscious deep breath and exhaled slowly. Her mind quietened and her pulse slowed. All was calm before her and all was beautiful.

The sun hadn’t quite made it through the thin layer of clouds yet but she felt it’s presence, and she could almost see it, sitting there, waiting for it’s moment, biding it’s time. It gave the sky a pale but luminous quality, which in turn reflected in the river, turning the dull brown water to a slippery silver grey. Silhouetted nature was everywhere she looked, from the botanic forms on the river banks and the birds flying above her energised in their search for seasonal fuel; to the bare branched trees majestic in their nudity.

She took out her camera to capture the joy of winter as a gift to her future self for the darker days ahead. As she was busy in pursuit of the best shot, crouching, bending and leaning her body into the ideal positions, she noticed that the light had changed. A warm, fiery tone had softly crept into the atmosphere all around her and the feathery fibres of the seedhead she was photographing had lit up like little fairy lights.

To her great pleasure, there it was: The Winter Sun. She straightened out her limbs and stretched her own golden face upwards to welcome it; filling her being with it’s light and warmth, storing it’s strength and heat in her blood for later. Fuelled by the serenity she felt in that moment, her mind settled on soulful thoughts. She thought about the beautiful but fleeting nature of life and the need she had to feel things truly, madly and deeply so that she understood she was really here. She knew that this moment connected with all the others to give flow and meaning to her days on this earth. She knew that gentleness, kindness, honesty and love were the values she and her conscience had made an agreement to live by and that nature gave her peace. She knew with her whole heart that this was where she was meant to be and above all else, that this was who she was meant to be.

The End.

Well, my lovelies, on that thoughtful note, I wish you love and light for your weekend and week ahead. If you want to connect with me, you can do so here or on instagram.

Winter Snowdrops 2

Until next week!

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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