Signs of Spring

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Originally posted 1 March 2019

Dear lovelies

Happy March! After a week off from the blog and instagram, I am feeling refreshed, clearer and ready to plow my energy into trying to get the next stage of my business off the ground. My priorities in the next 6 weeks (before the Spring holidays) are to carry on blogging weekly, to continue to design and create my first products, to open an online shop for selling my creations and to launch a new website. Oh and to enjoy the process! Gosh, that does sound like a lot to get done doesn’t it? I’ll do my best!

Our half term was full of family time and little adventures. The weather was in stark contrast to last year’s, when the ‘Beast from the East’ brought us cold temperatures and deep snow. In addition to well needed quiet time, we made the most of the sunshine and got out and about, immersing ourselves in nature and noticing those wonderful signs that Spring is on it’s way, such as:

Time spent in the garden tidying up and arranging, potting up a few pretties and enjoying that first cuppa to celebrate…

Garden crocuses 1

Garden crocuses 2

Garden crocuses 3

Garden hellebores 1

Garden hellebores 2

Garden primroses 1

Garden primroses 2

Feeling the warmth slowly creeping back into the pale, hazy and ethereal rays of the sun…

Sunshine 1

Sunshine 3

Sunshine 4

Shimmering reflections arriving with that sunshine…

Sunshine 5

Sunshine 2

Sunshine 6

The odd sighting, if a little blurry, of a bumble getting busy, encouraged by the increased temperatures…


The appearance of more colour as the buds and blooms of late Winter/early Spring grace us with their presence…

Daffodils, irises, daisies and a couple I’m not so sure of…

Blooms 5

Blooms 3

Blooms 4

Blooms 1

Blooms 2

Unmistakable Hellebores…

Hellebores 1

Hellebores 2

Hellebores 3

Hellebores 4

Hellebores 5

Hellebores 6

Hellebores 7

Luscious and blousy Camellias…

Camellias 1

Camellias 2

Camellias 3

Camellias 4

Camellias 5

Camellias 6

Camellias 7

Camellias 8

Camellias 9

Camellias 10

And some stunning early blossom. Cherry I think?…

Blossom 1

Blossom 2

Blossom 3

Blossom 4

The majority of these blooms were captured on an adventure to the English Heritage’s Chiswick House and Gardens, located in West London. The gardens are free and open to the public all year round and right now the Camellias are a sight to behold! A real treat for the eyes.

What signs of Spring have you noticed? What are your favourite blooms at this time of year?

Happy Weekending lovely ones! Enjoy and take good care,

Lots and lots of love and warmth to you,




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