My Dream One Year On

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Originally posted 1 June 2018

Dear Lovelies

It has been exactly a year since I began blogging as Lucylu dreams and what a wonderful creative journey of self discovery it has been so far! It has been so lovely to read my first posts again (you can read them here and here) and I am happy to say that my dream is still pretty much the same with a few tweaks, adaptations and additions.


At first my dream of becoming an author of fiction was very much the aim of this journey and along the way, I wanted to explore and photograph the natural world in my city and beyond, embrace the seasons and document it here on my blog. Later on, I added making to that list and I wrote about that here. My long term aim is still to become an author, and although being an author of children’s fiction would be amazing, my desire to write creative lifestyle books has become stronger. In fact, there is one particular idea that has been at the forefront of my mind for over a year now and it won’t budge so that is what I am aiming for! It is not something I feel I can pursue quite yet though, as I need to build up a body of work and gather more readers here and more followers on social media to be in with a better chance of a publishing deal. But it is in my sights!


That body of work will mainly encompass blog posts and an instagram feed full of inspiration on how to live, explore and craft with the seasons in mind. Yes, I have a new tagline!…‘Seasonal Living, Exploring & Crafting’. It isn’t miles away from my last tagline, ‘Exploring, Writing, Creating’ and as you may know embracing the seasons has always been part of the picture, but there has been a shift and focus making my brand clearer and stronger, which is really important when you want your business to succeed, and I really do! It also makes my job a lot easier when planning content and creating products. In terms of what you will read and see here on my blog or over on instagram, everything will have a clearer seasonal message. Oooo, I am excited!


At this point, I absolutely must mention someone who has been instrumental in helping me to arrive at this turning point in my business. There was a moment earlier this year, where I hit a low point (I wrote about it here). My self doubt was looming large and although I had had moments of clarity and excitement, I felt overwhelmed and fragile. I realised that I needed help to be able to move on. I reached out to the wonderfully supportive and so so lovely Allison Sadler, who I have spoken about on my blog before. Allison is, in her own words, a ‘free spirited, creative entrepreneur, fashion designer, blogger, shop owner and lifestyle mentor’ who does everything with warmth, kindness and fun and who has a genuine interest in and care for people.

I spent a whole afternoon in Allison’s company talking about life and business. Where I could just see trees, Allison showed me the wood and where a I could just see a mountain of ideas, she helped me to tease out the relevant gems. I left with a huge smile on my face, sunshine in my heart and a clearer vision of my business, with practical tasks to move me onwards. I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have Allison routing for me!

Here I am in at People, the indie store that Allison owns and runs with her husband Christian. I am wearing a People classic, made by the lovely Christian himself!…

Me at People Shop 2

Photo taken by Allison


It really is so important for me as a solo business owner who works from my dining/sitting room table to have a network of lovely creatives who offer mutual kindness, support and a sense of community along this journey. So I am also busy building up my creative tribe or squad, as my 14 year old girl puts it, along the way.


In addition I have subscribed to the ‘University of YouTube’ to top up my practical skills. I am also attending audio lectures at the ‘Podcast Polytechnic’ to gain business knowledge and to retain a sense of well being. My favourites are Kat Molesworth’s Blogtacular podcast, Gabrielle Treanor’s Pressing Pause podcast and Daki’s Tog and Thel podcast. I am sure there are other podcasts that will help too and I’ll be sure to let you know what I recommend when I come across a good one. Oh and in a couple of weeks, I am off to Blogtacular, an annual conference for bloggers.


So, 1 year on, I am definitely celebrating! I am celebrating writing my blog which I love! I am celebrating feeling happy, clear and determined in the direction my business is going, having streamlined and focused my message. I am celebrating a life full of seasonal exploration and creativity and feeling very strongly in my heart that this is where I am meant to be; this is what feels right for me. And my lovelies, I am celebrating you being here, reading my words and cheering me on! THANK YOU!


Until next time, take good care sweet peas!


Lots and lots of love,

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS – the pics in this post are all from a recent Spring visit my brood, hubby and I made to the beautiful Hill Pergola and Gardens on Hampstead Heath, North West London. I wrote about The Pergola here last Summer too xxxxxxx

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