Fenton House in Spring

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Originally posted 25 May 2018

Dear lovelies

The sun has been glorious here in the UK! We are spending lots of time in our garden planting, potting, digging, moving, pruning, debugging and all manner of other tasks required to keep on top of things. New joys are sprouting forth from the soil and as a novice gardener (see this post), this comes as such a pleasant surprise! We are also taking time to just sit, notice and savour this wonderful season.

If you have been reading my blog for a little while, you will know that I take so much inspiration for my own garden from those of the National Trust. You can read all about my love for the National Trust here. One of my favourite gardens to visit is that of Fenton House. It is a short bus ride away in Hampstead, North London and it is a beautiful, tranquil oasis in this busy, noisy and polluted city. I could sit for hours in the orchard just resting, observing the seasonal blooms and listening to the birds singing. It is a wonderful place to visit with my little family but really I love to go on my own so I can soak it all in at a measured pace, taking as many photos as I wish!

I occasionally pop into the house, mainly to use the loo if I’m honest, but I do love it’s grand appearance as you approach after going through the golden gates at the front…

Fenton House Spring House 1 DSCN5264

It looks even better from the back, with the different layers of garden inviting you to stroll through…

Fenton House Spring House 2 DSCN5089

Fenton House Spring House 3 DSCN5090

Fenton House Spring House 5 DSCN5273

Fenton House Spring House 4 DSCN5272

The greenhouse/glasshouse/potting shed of dreams is coveted by me each and every time I visit. I want to sit in it, enjoying a glass of fizz and a slice of cake. From my seat of comfort and calm, I would gaze lovingly at the orchard, the kitchen garden beyond; and perhaps take a nap with the scent of orange blossom wafting deliciously in the air and a light breeze cooling my warm cheeks…gosh! I seem to have wandered off into a daydream!…

Fenton House Spring green house 1 DSCN5156

Fenton House Spring green house 2 DSCN5289

The last time I visited, the Wisteria had bloomed and how it made me smile! You can never have too much Wisteria can you?…

Fenton House Spring wisteria 1 DSCN5275

Fenton House Spring wisteria 2 DSCN5276

Fenton House Spring wisteria 3 DSCN5277

Fenton House Spring wisteria 4 DSCN5281


Fenton House Spring wisteria 5 DSCN5282

Fenton House Wisteria 6 DSCN5283

The same goes for cow parsley I believe. So dainty and elegant…

Fenton House Spring cow parsley 1 DSCN5298

Fenton House Spring cow parsley 2 DSCN5299

Fenton House Spring cow parsley 3 DSCN5300

Fenton House Spring cow parsley 4 DSCN5301

Oh and the combination of cow parsley and Wisteria? Just a wonderful feast of prettiness for the eyes…

Fenton House Spring cow parsley and wisteria 1 DSCN5291

Fenton House Spring cow parsley and wisteria 2 DSCN5292

And of course, there is so much more beauty and detail to behold everywhere you look. I have identified any plants or flowers I know the names of..

Fenton House Spring pink pretties 1 DSCN5252

Fenton House Spring pink pretties 2 DSCN5257

Fenton House Spring water feature DSCN5158

Fenton house Spring bird of paradise 120825

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)


Fenton House Spring Allium 1 114054

Onion (Allium)


Fenton House Spring Allium 2 115547

Onion (Allium)


Fenton House in Spring allium 3 DSCN5286

Onion (Allium)


Fenton House Spring details DSCN5152

Fenton House Spring Dicentra spectabilis DSCN5303

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra Spectabilis)


Fenton House Spring ferns unfurling DSCN5261



Fenton House Spring forget me nots DSCN5161

Forget-me-not (Myosotis)


Fenton House Spring peony perhaps 1 DSCN5309

Peony (Paeonia Mlokosewitschii I think)


Fenton House Spring peony perhaps 2 DSCN5314

As above


I can’t wait to visit again soon, to see what changes have occurred since I was there last and to see what late Spring/early Summer at Fenton House will look like this year. Yes, after waiting so long for Spring, nature has really accelerated with the warm temperatures and I do believe Summer will be upon us before we know it!

See you back here very soon lovelies! Look after yourselves won’t you?

Lots and lots of love

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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