Queen: An Embroidery Pattern and a Poem

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Hello lovelies! It has been a little while hasn’t it? How are you? I have been striving as always, mainly dreaming up and creating embroidery patterns for beginners. I have also been experimenting to expand my offering to include tangible products (as opposed to digital patterns only), such as embroidery kits, pouches and decorations based on lino cut versions of my designs. I’m really excited and a little nervous. But overall, I am raring to go.

My next embroidery pattern is Queen and you can find her here, in my Etsy shop. 2 basic stitches are used to create this beauty so it is suitable for an absolute beginner. The pattern includes a template for manual transfer to fabric, an illustrated stitch and colour guide, stitch glossary and a full and detailed tutorial. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section here. I am more than happy to help beginners to get their first project going!

I created Queen to honour the women I come across in every area of my life. It is for you, for me, for us…

Queen, I see you.

Queen I see you.

I see you slowly unfurling, uncurling, growing and reaching,
Awakening from your slumber of protection and preservation,
Facing your truths and the depths of your roots,
Embracing your purpose, your vision and your mission.

I see you trying undeterred to break yourself free,
From the shackles, the chains, the labels and limitations,
To climb over the obstacles they have placed before you,
To break through the ceilings they have placed above you.

I see you moving onward, with warrior spirit blazing,
Leaving society's expectations far behind you,
Celebrating your heart, your mind and your body,
Listening to your inner voice above all other noise.

I see you struggling and thriving, living and loving,
Angry and peaceful, hopeful and joyful,
I see you gentle and strong, sensitive and soulful,
Creative and authentic, pensive and courageous.

I raise you up and give you thanks ad infinitum,
For your kinship, friendship, leadership, mothership,
You are royalty by nature, you are divine by the earth,
I feel your power, I hear your calls and I witness your light.

Queen, I see you.

Love forever and always treasures,

Warmth and light,

Lucy xxxxx

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