Five Go Summer Holidaying!

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Originally posted 31 August 2018

Hello lovelies!

This precious and unique time in our year, the Summer holidays,  is drawing to an end and with it comes sadness but also such joy at days well spent and beautiful memories made. We have managed to really celebrate, savour and preserve the bounty of this warmest season in so many of the ways we wanted to (read this post for our wish list!) and this makes me so very happy.

Me at Camber

In the interests of honesty, I feel I should share that this holiday has not been without it’s troubles. As a family of 5 suddenly thrust together every single day after a tiring, hot and long term where much of our days were spent separately at school (the kids), work (my Hubby) and home (me), there are bound to be tensions! Managing 5 personalities, trying to accommodate everyone’s nuances, desires and needs, including my own has been a difficult balancing act. I sometimes feel I could quite easily write a parenting blog, I have so much to share! But for now, I’m concentrating on this blog and this post specifically which is full of gratitude for all the good stuff and good times!

We have immersed ourselves in the wonderful British countryside and allowed our senses to take in the true beauty of nature…

Summer hols nature 10 DSCN6586

Summer hols nature 6 DSCN6474

Summer hols nature 1 DSCN6328

Summer hols nature 3 DSCN6430

Summer hols nature 9 DSCN6579

Summer hols nature 4 DSCN6432

Summer hols nature 2 DSCN6330

Summer hols nature 13 DSCN6836

Summer hols nature 11 DSCN6595

Summer hols nature 5 DSCN6438

Summer hols nature 8 DSCN6576

Summer hols nature 12 DSCN6602

Summer hols nature 14

This next pic below requires some words and a caption I feel. We had bitten off more than we could chew in terms of the distance of our walk on one particular day during our stay near my lovely Mum’s home in West Somerset. We had just climbed up a challenging, steep path in the woods and our legs were aching. Whilst we greedily munched on well deserved chocolate chip cookies and continued on our journey back to our cottage, right across us along the path, swooped a low flying buzzard with it’s prey in it’s mouth!

We looked incredulously at each other as if we had dreamed it. Luckily for us, the buzzard had landed in a nearby tree, resting we think due to the heaviness of a rather large pheasant which it had decided was it’s dinner. So I managed to snap a few pics before it flew off to consume it’s meal away from prying human eyes! I give you: Ambitious Buzzard Rests with Hearty Pheasant Dinner…

Summer hols nature 7 DSCN6534

Wondrous nature indeed!

We have walked many a familiar path, going back over ground once walked by us when our little ones’ feet were smaller and their legs tired more easily. We have rested whilst hungrily and enthusiastically eating many delicious sandwiches, snacks and numerous packets of crisps in the great outdoors. And gosh how we have absorbed the views!…

Summer hols walks and views 3 DSCN6418

Summer hols walks and views 4 DSCN6431

Summer hols walks and views 1 DSCN6327

Summer hols walks and views 8 DSCN6614

Summer hols walks and views 11 DSCN6622

Summer hols walks and views 9 DSCN6615

Summer hols walks and views 10 DSCN6616

Summer hols walks and views 12 DSCN6628

Summer hols walks and views 13 DSCN6636

Summer hols walks and views 14  DSCN6646

Summer hols walks and views 2 DSCN6382

Summer hols walks and views 5  DSCN6467

Summer hols walks and views 6 DSCN6481

Summer hols walks and views 7 DSCN6563

Summer hols walks and views 15 DSCN6839

We (I!) have definitely packed our bags, swiftly and impulsively left the city and moved into a few pretty countryside cottages…virtually of course!…

Summer hols cottage 1 DSCN6345

Summer hols cottage 2 DSCN6353

Summer hols cottage 3 DSCN6336

Summer hols cottage 4 DSCN6412

Summer hols cottage 5 DSCN6415

Summer hols cottage 6 DSCN6421

Summer hols cottage 7 DSCN6426

Summer hols cottage 8 DSCN6504

Summer hols cottage 9 DSCN6514

Summer hols cottage 10 DSCN6516

Summer hols cottage 11 DSCN6569

Summer hols cottage 12 DSCN6574

We have visited the seaside and I may have even been seen swimming in the sea…

Summer hols seaside 1 DSCN6356

Summer hols seaside 2 DSCN6357

Summer hols seaside 3 DSCN6362

Summer hols seaside 4 DSCN6374

Summer hols seaside 5 DSCN6661

Summer hols seaside 6 DSCN6677

Summer hols seaside 7 DSCN6680

Summer hols seaside 8 DSCN6780

Summer hols seaside 9 DSCN6925

Summer hols seaside 10 DSCN6929

Summer hols seaside 11 DSCN6938

Summer hols seaside 12 DSCN6945

We have written in our Summer holiday gratitude journal and enjoyed these moments spent together writing and talking about our days…

Summer hols gratitude journal

We have sketched our surroundings…

Summer hols sketching

And something, which I hadn’t really thought about before…I have begun to notice details, seeing beyond objects, to the beauty of their texture, colour and foundations…

Summer hols detail 7 DSCN6317

Summer hols detail 6 DSCN6597

Summer hols detail 2 DSCN6373

Summer hols detail 3 DSCN6451

Summer hols detail 1 DSCN6370

Summer hols detail 4 DSCN6552

Summer hols detail 5 DSCN6559

Summer hols detail 8

Summer hols detail 9

Summer hols detail 10

And we have watched the sun go down…

Summer hols Sunset 1 DSCN6297

Summer hols sunset 2 DSCN6310

Summer hols sunset 3 DSCN6319

Summer hols sunset 4 DSCN6320

Summer hols sunset 5 DSCN6842

Summer hols sunset 6 DSCN6843

Summer hols sunset 7 DSCN6863

Summer hols sunset 8 DSCN6866

Summer hols sunset 9 DSCN6871

Summer hols sunset 10 DSCN6948

Summer hols sunset 11 DSCN6954

As the sun sets on our Summer holidays, we almost feel ready for the term and year ahead, for the gradual shift to cooler temperatures and the related changes that those temperatures will bring to our natural environment; for the hard work and hours necessary to move me along with the vision I have for my business; for the challenges of exam years for 2 of our babies and for whatever this next season will bring that we cannot possibly plan for.

We have a little slice of Summer left though don’t we? The changing of the seasons is not a rigid affair, but a gradual process to be noted, savoured and relished, which is what I will be doing lovelies and reporting back here very soon.

Until then, take good care!

Lots of late Summer love to you all,

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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