It’s Blooming Spring!

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Originally posted 27 April 2018

Dear lovelies

I have written 8 blog posts this year and I have started 6 of those by talking about the weather…how very British of me! Whilst I’m at it, why don’t I make that 7 out of 9? Last weekend we experienced a mini heat wave with temperatures above average for this time of year. Our sandals, shorts and summer tops had their first outings and a few blobs of suncream were even applied to the youngest members of the family. At one point, I may or may not have been heard declaring that it was too hot! You have my full permission to roll your eyes!

Blooming Spring blossom 8 DSCN5073

The natural world has of course been affected by the warm weather too and it seems to have accelerated into Spring with renewed energy as if to catch up after the cold Winter we have had. The warmth has enticed us outside with our cameras to search for the natural Spring beauty in our urban surroundings and what beauty we have found!

Blooming Spring daffs 2 DSCN4695

Blooming Spring apple blossom 1 DSCN5153

Since then, the sun has been making only the odd appearance and it has turned a little colder. But it is still blooming Spring! Come lovelies! I invite you to celebrate, embrace and savour this most joyful season with me through floral delights and blossom abundance, beginning with primroses because they are my Mum’s favourite flowers and today, April 27th  is her birthday. Happy Birthday Mum!…

Blooming Spring primroses 1 DSCN4815

Blooming Spring primroses 3 DSCN4859

Blooming Spring primroses 2 DSCN4825

There are a few more so I hope you are sitting comfortably…

Blooming Spring daffs 4 DSCN4811

Blooming Spring daffs 1 DSCN4663

Blooming Spring daffs 3 DSCN4814

Blooming Spring daffs 5 DSCN4871

Blooming Spring daffs 6 DSCN5139

Blooming spring blossom 1 DSCN4740

Blooming Spring blossom 3 DSCN4765

Blooming Spring blossom 4 DSCN4793

Blooming Spring blossom 2 DSCN4748

Blooming Spring blossom 5 DSCN4874

Blooming spring blossom 9 DSCN5126

Blooming Spring blossom 7 DSCN5068

Blooming Spring blossom 6 DSCN5064

Blooming Spring apple blossom 3 DSCN5225

Blooming Spring hyacinths 1 DSCN4603

Blooming Spring tulips 2 DSCN5058

Blooming Spring Tulips 1 DSCN4839

Blooming Spring fritillaries 4 DSCN5145

Blooming spring fritillaries 2 DSCN5101

Blooming Spring fritillaries 1 DSCN5095

Blooming Spring fritillaries 3 DSCN5142

Blooming Spring other 2 DSCN4826

Blooming Spring other 3 DSCN4842

Blooming Spring other 4 DSCN4847

Blooming Spring other 5 DSCN4854

Blooming Spring other 6 DSCN5084

Blooming Spring other 7 DSCN5116

Blooming Spring other 8 DSCN5147

Sigh! A dose of floral happiness does the world of good don’t you think? Most of the pictures in this post were taken at Osterley House and Gardens and Fenton House, both National Trust properties to be found here in London. I feel so lucky to have these beautiful oases in my city. Urban Beauty indeed! I sneaked in a pic of a couple of my lovelies too. Did you notice?!

Thanks so much for reading and sitting through my floral slideshow. I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll be back here very soon, I will!

Take care lovelies. Lots and lots of love,



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