Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

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Originally posted 9 March 2018

Hello there lovelies,

Spring 1 124905

Now that was a rather dramatic end to Winter wasn’t it?! Here in the UK, after being tricked into thinking that it was already Spring, Narnia did in fact descend upon us causing all sorts of excitement and disruption. It wasn’t possible to escape it. In fact we were caught up in the chaos as we attempted to leave the city to attend a family party in the Cotswolds. An hour and a half journey took us over four but we did arrive at our destination and stayed an extra night to avoid a similar experience getting back home. I could have stayed longer of course. Those familiar ‘yearning for the countryside’ feelings are creeping back in!

It seems that just as quickly as it came, the extreme weather has now left us, melting away and taking the cold temperatures with it. As I write this, there is a definite feel of Spring in the air. My garden bulbs, similarly duped into thinking it was Spring a couple of weeks ago, are now attempting to recover from the cold snap. I can see them stretching and reaching for the light, filling me with excitement and anticipation of the colour and floral joy to come!

The birds have gone a little bit bonkers too. They love the sunflower hearts I put in the feeder for them. I can often hear the goldfinches arguing over them and the blue tits chattering about how naughty the goldfinches are. I have also seen a lady blackbird finding twigs and other nest building paraphernalia which makes me so very happy!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I try to embrace the seasons, noticing the subtle changes in the world around me in an effort not to wish the days away until it is brighter, warmer etc. I have found it a little difficult this Winter, with it being especially wet and dark. Recently though, I have been out and about with my camera and attempted to capture the seasonal shift…

The ones where it seemed to be Spring…

Spring 2 DSCN4160

Spring 3 DSCN4166

Spring 4 131202

Spring 5 DSCN4187

Spring 6 DSCN4247

Spring 7 DSCN4220

Spring 8 133718

Spring 9 DSCN4206

The ones where it was in fact still Winter…

Winter city 1 104635

Winter city 2 092615

Winter city 3 092716


Winter 1 DSCN4328

Winter 2 DSCN4331

Winter 3 DSCN4332

Winter 4 DSCN4334

Winter 5 100152

Winter 6 153032

Winter 7 153135

Winter 8 153658

Spring again 4 140216

The ones where the snow melted to reveal that Spring was here!…

Spring again 1 DSCN4347

Spring again 2 122231

Spring again 3 DSCN4351

Spring again 5 DSCN4367

Spring again 6 DSCN4360

Spring again 7 DSCN4374

Spring again 8 DSCN4365

Spring again 9 DSCN4376

Spring again 10 DSCN4369

I am so looking forward to getting out into the light and warmth with my camera, and topping up my low levels of vitamin D that have made me feel quite poorly this Winter. What’s it looking like where you are?

If you are celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, do have a wonderful time. I know for many that Mother’s Day can bring much sorrow and if that rings true for you, I am sending you love, warmth and virtual cuddles.

Take good care my lovelies,

Love always,



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