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Originally posted 19 January 2018

Dear lovelies

Happy New Year!

Me in snow

On the first day of Spring term, I dropped my kids off at school with a slightly heavy heart as I do start to miss my brood straight away after such quality time during the holidays. I had told myself that I was going to come home, sit down and crack on with things straight away, making plans for 2018. But my slightly heavy heart and my legs took me on a wonder instead and I ended up at the shops buying a bunch of fresh flowers for the flat.

2018 diary

As I walked, I smiled, feeling in tune with myself and trusting that my heart knows best. And as I walked I started to ponder all of those words we use interchangeably: Instincts, inner voice, heart, conscience, soul and even that ‘gut feeling’. Are they not the same thing? So often we separate our minds from our hearts too. We sometimes talk about either following our mind or our heart. I am starting to think that we don’t have to choose! They could be one and the same thing or one may live within the other. Could our mind house our heart if we let it? Perhaps the mind wants what the heart wants if we are in tune with both, and we don’t have to wrestle the mind to get what the heart wants or vice versa. Maybe the heart is our inner voice and our sense of instinct too. If we listen to it and really feel it, our thought processes lead us to the best decision or choice at that particular moment. They work together.

Ooo, I feel the need for a slogan!…

‘A wise mind houses the heart’

‘Open minds are heart shaped’

‘The Heart and mind can travel the same path’

‘Listen to the heart, it speaks it’s mind’

Stars on book

I came to the conclusion after all of this pondering, that as long as I listen to, trust, respect and follow my heart, I will be where I am meant to be at any point in time. Sometimes, I want to be further along in my creative journey, but I know I am meant to be where I am right now and it feels right. So lovelies, if I were to pick a word for 2018 it would be HEART, but I reckon that this might just be my word for ever and ever, Amen. Do you know what I mean? This is the philosophy that I want to live by. After all,the heart is where love lives and I do believe so very strongly that love is the answer….to so many questions!

Wreath on shelf

And what is my heart telling me right now? It is telling me to believe in myself and to calmly say goodbye to self doubt. It is telling me that all the ideas I have for products and books, I need to steadily work through and they will evolve into my creative style and my work. It is telling me that I am good enough.

Be gone self doubt 2

So this is where I am at at the beginning of 2018. If you read my last post of 2017, you will know that I found my ‘making mojo’ just in time for the festive season, so I will do a creative round up here on the blog soon.

In the meantime lovelies, please take care and thanks so much for reading!

Lots and lots of love from my heart to yours,

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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